On this page you will find some of the Dedicated hosting FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) which could help you to find the best hosting company.

Q: What is Dedicated Windows hosting?
A: It is type of Windows Web hosting in which the customer receive all server hardware resources as CPU, RAM, Disk Space etc…

Q: How I can manage my site using Dedicated ASP.NET hosting?

A: You could this via hosting control panel as Plesk, which is the most popular Windows Dedicated hosting control panel. You could also manage your Dedicated server via RDC (Remote Desktop Connection).

Q: What is the difference between Dedicated ASP.NET hosting and Windows Dedicated hosting?
A: Both hosting types are the same. Sometime we talk about hosting companies offering ASP.NET Dedicated or Windows Dedicated hosting services, it depends on the point of view, for developers more popular is ASP.NET Dedicated hosting term.

Q: Where I can find Dedicated ASP.NET hosting providers?
A: You could check at ASP.NET Hosting providers.

Q: Can I choose the Windows version?
A: Yes, you could choose the Windows server version and edition (pro, web etc…).

Q: Can I install email server on the dedicated hosting server?
A: Yes, you could install your mail server, as well as you could use external email server.

Q: What is the server protection?
A: You could use Windows firewall and to install third party software for DOS or Brute force attacks protection.

Q: Can I host ASP.NET 4.5 website on Dedicated hosting?
A: Yes, as well as previous .NET versions. Even you could install some new released .NET version.

Q: How to deploy SQL server database using Windows Dedicated hosting?
A: You could use SQL management studio, Visual Studio, or the hosting control panel. You could also make a SQL backup, deploy it via FTP and restore it on the server using RDC.

Q: Can I receive dedicated IP address with Windows Dedicated hosting?
A: Yes, typically you will receive 2 dedicated IP addresses for free, one for the hosting control panel and second for your website(s). Some companies will charge you a small additional fee as $2 per month.

Q: How long takes to open an ASP.NET Dedicated hosting account?
A: It’s easy and usually takes a little longer from 2 to 4 hours, because the hosting company needs time to configure your server.

Q: Can I install custom software on Windows Dedicated hosting?
A: Yes, you could install what software you want, but you should have a valid license for it.

Q: Can I login on Dedicated Windows hosting server via RDC?
A: Yes, you could login as admin with Remote Desktop Connection on your Windows Dedicated server.

Q: Is the location important when choose dedicated hosting provider?
A: The location could be important factor for your visitors, it will be good your server to be closer, also it could be important for your support (language etc…).