On this page you will find some of the Reseller hosting FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) which could help you to find the best Reseller web hosting company.

Q: What is Reseller Windows hosting?
A: It is type of Windows Web hosting in which you could buy some hosting resources as disk space, RAM, CPU and after that to resell them on other customers, so you will act as ASP.NET web hosting company.

Q: How I can manage my clients using Reseller ASP.NET hosting?
A: You could this via hosting control panel as Plesk, which is the most popular Windows Reseller hosting control panel. Some hosting companies offer custom reseller control panels.

Q: What is the difference between Reseller ASP.NET hosting and Windows Reseller hosting?
A: Both hosting types are the same. Sometime we talk about hosting companies offering ASP.NET Reseller or Windows Reseller hosting services, it depends on the point of view, for developers more popular is ASP.NET Reseller hosting term.

Q: Where I can find Reseller ASP.NET hosting providers?
A: You could check at ASP.NET Hosting Providers.

Q: What ASP.NET version can be used with reseller ASP.NET hosting?
A: You could resell the latest ASP.NET 4.5 hosting as well as classic ASP.

Q: Can I reseller PHP as well as ASP.NET with Reseller Windows hosting?
A: Yes, you could reseller PHP hosting as well, because you could host both PHP and ASP.NET on Windows hosting server.

Q: Shall the reseller hosting accounts support the latest .NET technologies as MVC/LINQ/AJAX/Silverlight?
A: Yes, you could resell all the latest .NET hosting features.

Q: What is the meaning of Private/Anonymous Name Servers?
A: This means that you will have your own name servers, instead of your web hosting company, so the clients you will be the hosting company.

Q: How many domains can be hosted with Windows Reseller hosting?
A: Some hosting plans have restrictions, but many companies already offer unlimited domains hosting. Of course it depends on your hosting plans and the resources that you would like to provide to your customers.

Q: What is the meaning of overselling?
A: This means that you sell more server resources to your customers than you have, i.e. you will have problems with the hosting performance and your clients will be not happy.

Q: How long takes to open an ASP.NET Reseller hosting account?
A: It’s easy and usually takes a little longer from 1/2 to 1 hour, because the hosting company needs time to configure your server.

Q: Can I install custom software on Windows Reseller hosting?
A: No, you should resell what is offered by the hosting company.

Q: Can I use VPS hosting to resell hosting services?
A: Yes, you could use a VPS hosting server, this is called Reseller VPS hosting.

Q: Who will manage the server updates?
A: The reseller hosting company will manage the server for you.

Q: Who will make the customer support?
A: You have two options, to make the customer support yourself or your reseller hosting company to make it for you.