ASP.NET MVC 3, abbreviated as MVC 3, shipped just 10 months after MVC 2 (described in the article Basic MVC 2 features), driven by the release date for Web Matrix. Its new features include:

– Expressive Views including the new Razor View Engine. For more details you can read the article Razor view engine in ASP.NET 4.0

–  .NET 4 Data Annotation Support. For more details you can read a short article Data annotation support in ASP.NET 4.0

–  Streamlined validation with improved Model validation.

–  Powerful hooks with Dependency Resolution and Global Action Filters. The article Advanced features in ASP.NET MVC 3 will give you more information.

–  Rich JavaScript support with unobtrusive JavaScript, jQuery Validation, and JSON binding. You can find more information from the article Rich JavaScript support in MVC 3.

–  Package manager for the .NET Framework – NuGet.

MVC 3 runs on the following Windows client operating systems:

–  Windows XP

–  Windows Vista

–  Windows 7

It runs on the following server operating systems:

–  Windows Server 2003

–  Windows Server 2008

–  Windows Server 2008 R2