When Developers working with SQL Server “Denali”, MS SQL Server 2008 R2 and MS SQL Server 2005 want to create a relationship graphically, they should follow the next steps:

1. In Database Designer, click the row selector for one or more database columns that they want to relate to a column in another table.

2. Drag the selected column(s) to the related table.

3. Two dialog boxes appear: Foreign Key Relationship and Tables and Columns, with the latter appearing in the foreground.

4. Relationship name has a system-provided name in the format FK_localtable_foreigntable. They may change this value.

5. Verify that Primary key table specifies the correct table.

6. The grid lists the local columns and their matching foreign columns. They can add or remove table columns or change mappings.

7. Choose OK.

The Foreign Key Relationship dialog box appears. Selected Relationship shows the relationship they have created.

8. Change properties for the relationship in the grid.

9. Choose OK to create the relationship.

Database Designer shows a relationship between the columns they chose.