If Developers plan to connect to the Database Engine from another computer, they have to enable a protocol, such as TCP/IP. In this case Developers should follow the next steps:

1. Start SQL Server Surface Area Configuration, and click Surface Area Configuration for Services and Connections.

2. In the Surface Area Configuration for Services and Connections box, the View by Instance box lists the instances of the Database Engine that are installed on the computer. The default instance (an unnamed instance) is listed as MSSQLSERVER. If Developers installed a named instance, the name they provided is listed. SQL Server 2005 Express Edition or SQL 2008 Express Edition installs as SQLEXPRESS, unless they changed the name during setup. In the View by Instance box, expand the instance that they want to configure, expand Database Engine, and then click Remote Connections.

3. Click Local and remote connections, click Using TCP/IP only, then click OK and close the tool.