Developer can use Table Designer in SQL Server “Denali”,  MS SQL Server 2008 R2 and MS SQL Server 2005 to create a new table, name it, and add it to an existing database by following the next steps:

1. Right-clicks the Tables node of his/her database in Object Explorer and click New Table.

2. Types column names, chooses data types and chooses whether to allow nulls for each column.

3. From the File menu, chooses Save table name

4. In the Choose Name dialog box, types a name for the table and clicks OK.


1. Web developer can define up to 1,024 columns per table. Table and column names must follow the rules for identifiers; they must be unique within a specific table, but he/she can use the same column name in different tables in the same database.

2. Table names must be unique for each schema within a database. Web developer can create multiple tables with the same name if he/she specifies different schemas for each.