It does not matter if the ASP.NET hosting is free or paid you should know that the hosting company have expenses to buy/rent data center, hardware, Windows OS, SQL database, control panel, other software, internet connections, to hire staff etc…

Free ASP.NET Hosting

The free ASP.NET hosting means that the user receives hosting resources for free. But how it could be possible if the hosting provider has so many expenses? The answer is very simple, in all cases there will be not free launch. The next points will describe what you could receive from free hosting services:

1. The hosting resources will be limited, i.e. you will receive only small amount of disk space, data transfer, server resources as CPU time etc…
2. It could be possible that the host obligate you to run their ads on your site, so in these terms the hosting will be not really free.
3. In most cases you should pay if you would like to use SQL databases, SSL certificates or other add-ons.
4. Some time the hosting provider will offer you free hosting for some time if you prepay them for a longer period.
5. You could also find free hosting services as trial. The point here is that the hosting company would like to demonstrate what is their services, so to keep you as paid customer if you are satisfied.
6. It’s common to have a little or no customer support if you go with free hosting provider.
7. The uptime and the services could be poor, and there will be no 99,9% uptime guarantee.

Paid ASP.NET Hosting

The paid ASP.NET Web Hosting means that the user will pay for the hosting services. Depending on the price you should receive more server resources and software add-ons. The next features will describe what you could receive from paid hosting services:

1. You could receive more server resources and even with some hosting plans you can get even unlimited hosting resources.
2. There will be no obligation to run the hosting companies ads on your sites.
3. You will receive SQL databases, SSL certificates and other add-ons.
4. The quality of the services will be much batter as well as the customer support.
5. In most cases you will receive better services, 99,9% uptime guarantee and money back guarantee so you could get your money back if the services are poor and you are not happy!

The Conclusions – Free ASP.NET Hosting or Paid ASP.NET Hosting?

We believe that it’s worth to go for Paid hosting services, because for a small monthly amount (by example $5) you will receive better services to host your ASP.NET site or project. The free ASP.NET Web hosting is more risky and it could bring you a lot of expenses and loosen hours !
So, think twice and make a wise choice!