This hosting tutorial will explain what is the difference between cheap and free .NET hosting, and what hosting services to choose.

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Cheap ASP.NET Hosting Advantages

1. The lower price. The cheap ASP.NET hosting cost is around $3-5 per month.
2. Database support. You could have MS SQL and MySQL database with cheap ASP.NET hosting.
3. Customer support. You could have good customer support with cheap ASP.NET hosting.
4. Supports the latest .NET versions as ASP.NET 4.5 and MVC 5.
5. Multiple domain hosting. You could host multiple domain names with cheap ASP.NET hosting plans.

Free ASP.NET Hosting Advantages

1. It’s free. You will not pay for free ASP.NET hosting service.
The conclusion is that the better hosting services are paid, even they are cheap. All cheap hosting advantages are actually the free ASP.NET hosting disadvantages, because you will not have database support, customer support and the latest .NET technologies. Also, most free hosting providers do not allow to have domain names.