How to customize TreeNode object in ASP.NET

Each node in the TreeView control is represented by a TreeNode object. Every TreeNode has an associated piece of text, which is displayed in the tree. The TreeNode object provides navigation properties such as ChildNode (the collection of nodes it contains) and Parent (the containing node). The next table lists in details all the useful properties …

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How to use the TreeView navigation control in ASP.NET

You can use the TreeView control to render rich tree views and to fill portions of the tree on demand without refreshing the entire page. The control supports a wide range of styles which you can use to transform its appearance. You can fill a TreeView by binding to an ordinary data source or by creating the nodes …

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How to use the SiteMapPath navigation control in ASP.NET

This article describes the third navigation control you can use in your project. This control is named SiteMapPath. You can find more information about two other controls from the article: How to bind a site map to the TreeView and Menu navigation controls in ASP.NET. The SiteMapPath control provides breadcrumb navigation, which means it shows the user’s current …

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