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How to preserve member variables for an ASP.NET page in VB.NET

Software developers can follow the next basic principle. They can save all member variables to view state when the Page.PreRender event occurs and retrieve them when the Page.Load event occurs. The Page.Load event happens every time the page is created. In case of a postback, the Load event occurs first, followed by any other control events. The next …

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Events in GridView control


PageIndexChanging, PageIndexChanged
Both events arise when one of the pager buttons is clicked. They fire before and after the grid control handles the paging operation.

The event arises when the Cancel button of a row in edit mode is clicked, but before the row exits edit mode.

Arises when …

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Template properties of GridView control







The property is used to indicate the template content to be rendered when the control is bound to an empty source. This property takes precedence over EmptyDataText if both are set. If neither is set, the grid isn’t rendered if bound to an …

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