The ADO.NET DataAdapter class

When you need to extract records from a database and use them to fill a table in a DataSet, you should use ADO.NET object: DataAdapter. Because the DataAdapter comes in a provider-specific object there is separate class for each provider: SqlDataAdapter, OracleDataAdapter, and so on. The DataAdapter works as a bridge between a single DataTable in …

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ADO.NET (ActiveX Data Object for .NET)

ADO.NET is a set of computer software components, part of the base class library included in the Microsoft .NET Framework. It is commonly used by developers to access and modify data stored in relational database systems, but though it they can also access data in non-relational sources. ADO.NET is sometimes considered an evolution of ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) …

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Visual Studio

This development tool contains a rich set of productivity and debugging features. The Visual Studio setup CDs (or DVD) include the complete .NET Framework, so you won’t need to download it separately.

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Managed providers

Managed providers are .NET objects that provide managed access to services using a simplified data access architecture. The functionality of a provider is accessed via one or more object interfaces. The most common examples of managed providers are the data providers, such as OLE DB .NET Data Provider (System.Data.Odbc), SQL Server Managed Provider (System.Data.SqlClient), and ADO Managed (System.Data.ADO). …

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DTD (Document Type Definition)

This a document defining the format of the contents present between the tags in an HTML, XML, or SGML document, and how the content should be interpreted by the application reading the document. Applications will use a document’s DTD to properly read and display a document’s contents.

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Data provider

Data provider is a set of classes in the .NET Framework that allow access to the information in a data source. The data may be located in a file, in the Windows registry, or any type of database server or network resource. A .NET data provider also allows information in a data source to be accessed as an …

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