Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch is a self-service development tool. Developers of all skill levels can use it to build user-friendly business applications rapidly and simply for the desktop and cloud. This tool provides the following benefits:

– It comes with a set of of pre-built Application Shells that can give your application the familiar feel of popular Microsoft products.

– Build your application to do exactly what you need it to.

– It includes templates for the most common types of business applications and also contains predefined data types for commonly used fields

– In this environment, you can access the tools you need, when you need them.

– It works seamlessly with Visual Studio Professional, Premium or Ultimate.

– The pre-built templates and components in Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011are fully extensible.

– Applications created with it support exporting data to Microsoft Office Excel for easy sharing and reporting.

– Built-in authentication models make it simple to provide different users with varying degrees of access and authorization.