ASP.NET Hosting

After creating your .NET website it’s time to run it live in Internet. To host successfully your site you should follow the next steps:

1. Choose a right domain name. The domain name should be as short as possible, because in this way it will be easy for remembering. Also, the domain name should contain the important keyword(s) for your business. If you provide ASP.NET hosting services then it will be good to contain and(or) hosting. So, find good domain name register, check for desired domain and buy it. (if you wish you could buy the domain name via the hosting provider on later step, some hosts offer free domain name if you use their services, just make sure that the domain name will be you rif you stop using their services in the future)

2. Find reliable ASP.NET hosting provider, based on your requirements, as location, disk space, MS SQL database, quality customer support etc…

3. Open an account. This usually is made very fast, you should just make a simple registration and to pay with credit card or via Paypal.

4. Create your main email addresses and FTP accounts via the hosting control panel.

5. Upload your website on the hosting server. This could be made via FTP or VS using the web server IP address, or the provided sub-domain by the hosting company.

6. Point your domain name to the web server, so your web site will star working when you type it’s name in the browser. This could be done via domain name control panel by changing the DNS servers with these on your hosting provider or by creating a new A/CNAME records (this one is for more advance users).

Now your .NET site is published and live. Congratulations!