ASP.NET Ajax Tutorials

How to use Ajax partial rendering in C#

Let start with a classical example – Web developer works under application which has a Web page with two drop-down lists. The first one contains all the cities in the country, and the second one contains the bank branches locations in the selected city. Web developer needs to populate the second drop-down list with the correct locations each …

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How AJAX works

Ajax is a client pattern and for that reason it is powered by JavaScript. Unfortunately, JavaScript can’t exchange information with the server and can only post the page to it. This limitation can be overcome by using the XMLHTTP component of Ajax. XMLHTTP enables invoking the server asynchronously without posting the page and it also enables executing arbitrary …

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How AJAX improves usability

Ajax is a pattern that combines JavaScript and XMLHTTP components to invoke the server asynchronously without causing a reload of the page. Before this technology, web applications had the following flow:
-The user requests a page
-The server replies with HTML interpreted by the browser
-The user performs an action on the page
-The page is posted back to the server.
-The …

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