ASP.NET 5 Hosting VS ASP.NET 4.6 hosting – 03/21/2016

The latest ASP.NET released version is ASP.NET 4.6.1 and we are waiting the ASP.NET 5 to be resealed, as there is candidate release already. So, to in this terms to use the ASP.NET 5 hosting you should have a VPS or dedicated server, and to use ASP.NET 4.6 you should have shared, VPS, or dedicated server. […]

ASP.NET 5 Hosting on Linux

To use .NET 5 on Linux you should have VPS or Dedicated server and to install ASP.NET 5.

Of course we will recommend to use Windows if you want to host ASP.NET 5 applications. There are few options to use ASP.NET 5 hosting on Linux.

Install the .NET Version Manager

Use the .NET Version Manager (DNVM) to install different […]

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