Content CSS properties and values



Applies to all except for rows

default value

possible values

padding: 0 LENGTH
padding-left: 0 LENGTH
padding-right: 0 LENGTH
padding-top: 0 LENGTH
padding-bottom: 0 LENGTH
font: yes caption Icon, menu, message-box, small-caption, status-bar
font-family: yes serif FONTLIST, sans-serif, monospace, fantasy, cursive
font-size: yes medium LENGTH,%ParentElementFontSize, xx-small,x-small, smaller, small, large, larger, x-large,  xx-large
font-style: yes normal italic, oblique
font-variant: yes normal small-caps
font-weight: yes normal Lighter, bold, bolder, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900
text-decoration: yes none underline, line-through, overline
text-transform: yes none lowercase, uppercase, capitalize
direction: yes ltr Rtl
unicode-bidi: normal bidi-override, embed
line-height: yes normal LENGTH, %FontSize, MULTIPLIER
letter-spacing: yes normal LENGTH
word-spacing: yes normal LENGTH
white-space: yes normal pre, nowrap
color: yes black #rrggbb, #rgb, rgb(RED,GREEN,BLUE), rgb(RED%,GREEN%,BLUE%) 

gray, silver, white,

red, maroon, purple, fuchsia,

lime, green, olive, yellow,

blue, navy, teal, aqua,

violet, fuschia, red, maroon, black

wheat, gold, orange, tomato, firebrick

lightyellow, yellow, yellowgreen, olive, darkolivegreen

palegreen, lime, seagreen, green, darkgreen

lightcyan, cyan, turquoise, teal, midnightblue

lightskyblue,deepskyblue,royalblue, blue, darkblue

whitesmoke, lightgrey, silver, gray, dimgray, darkslategray


ActiveBorder, ActiveCaption, AppWorkspace, Background,ButtonFace, ButtonHighlight, ButtonShadow, ButtonText, CaptionText, GrayText, Highlight, HighlightText,

InactiveBorder, InactiveCaption, InactiveCaptionText, InfoBackground, InfoText, Menu, MenuText, Scrollbar, ThreeDDarkShadow, ThreeDFace, ThreeDHighlight, ThreeDLightShadow, ThreeDShadow, Window, WindowFrame,